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1 A corelation between adverbs, prepositions and adverbial particles contrastive approach
2 Architecture et symbole dans l art francais du moyen age
3 Beschreibung als darstellungsprinzip der grosstadt bei Alfred Doblin
4 Branding in International Marketing
5 Brendan Behan, biography into drama
6 Charles Dickens, his life and work
7 Countable and uncountable nouns in english and romanian
8 Cultural approaches to pseudotranslation. The book of mormon
9 Des particularites routieres dans L'Union Europeenne
10 El folklore de Espana. Musica y baile
11 Elemente moderne in legendele lui Gustavo Adolfo Becquer
12 Expressions of Modality Within the Verb Phrase Structure
13 Fiction, histoire et icriture dans la condition humaine d Andri Malraux
14 Funnel (Industrial Chimney)
15 Il motore riluttanza. Il sistema hardware e software utilizzato
16 Integrated communication system for inner student organization
17 Josef Knecht, ein mensch in suche nach der selbstverwirklichung
18 L'expression de l'emotion dans la chanson de geste
19 Leasing, moyen de financement des investissements
20 Les adjectifs dits-temporaires en francais et en roumain
21 Les conditions socio-politiques et culturelles au XIXe siecle
22 Les relations entre la Roumanie et l'Union Europeenne en vue de sa integration
23 Les Roms et les institutions internationales - une approche institutionnaliste
24 Means of expressing possibility and probability in english
25 Meeting European Standards and Criteria in the Romanian Economic Field
26 Minerva Virec Platform. Computer Architecture
27 Operation management. Total quality management
28 Parallel between the Romanian and the Anglo - Saxon family law
29 Perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of the future EU enlargement towards CEEC
30 Present et perspectives dans la formation des employes (Hotel XYZ, Bucarest)
31 Reasons for using translations in the classroom
32 Sexual anxieties in the English Gothic Novel
33 Synonymie, morphologie derivationnelle et transformations
34 Teaching english to the fifth and sixth forms
35 Tennessee Williams, critical perspectives
36 The angst of midlle america quest heroes and fatal strategies in John Updikes fiction
37 The article as the main central determiner in english noun phrases
38 The Elementary and Secondary Forms in United Kingdom and United States Of America
39 The English Romantics and the Theme of Nature
40 The importance of etymology in onomastic studies
41 The International Criminal Court, Iraq and the Game of Power
42 The Noun - General Considerations
43 The outlook on life in Ernest Hemingways short stories
44 The System of Government in Great Britain and America
45 The war between north and south and its impact upon the american culture
46 Theoretical and applied aspects of language testing
47 Time and place deixis in language
48 Tragic elements in Thomas Hardys major novels
49 Victorean features in George Eliot's novels
50 Women in the 18th century with an illustration on Richardson, Defoe and Jane Austen
51 Women in the century of the Enlightenment